Common Moisture Problems in Hardwood Floors

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Subtle changes in timber moisture cause evident defects in timber flooring. Oftentimes, these defects require hardwood floor water damage repairs. Below are some of the most common issues you will notice if your hardwood flooring experiences a moisture issue.

1. Crowning.
Crowning happens when the surface of a floor plank absorbs moisture, which results in the middle of the plank to grow above the edges.

2. Buckling.
When ample amounts of moisture trigger the floor boards to lift the sub floor by several inches, the floor is believed to be”buckling.” Depending upon the severity of the matter, hardwood floor restoration or replacement may be required.

3. Cupping.
Cupping happens when the bottom of the flooring plank absorbs moisture or the other side of the floor plank loses moisture. In either circumstance, the edges of the floor plank climb above the plank’s center.

Problems with moisture can lead to a range of problems, which range from water flows to wet boards at the right time of hardwood floors installation. If you aren’t certain how to resolve the problem, a hardwood flooring specialist can help.

Need To Repair Water Damaged Floors?

Our experienced professionals can evaluate just what’s wrong with your floors and remediate issues before water damage puts your family at risk, affects the construction of your house or contributes to mold problems.

Phone or email our Putney Area flooring group today for insight at 020 3369 3077 .

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