How Eco-Friendly Is Your Wood Flooring?

Energy ideas save the world concept Power plug green ecology recA growing number of individuals who select hardwood floors are looking for, not simply a fashionable and economical alternative, but in addition an eco-friendly alternative. These folks typically ask their flooring suppliers regarding the sustainability as well as the eco friendly credentials of the timber that’s been utilized in the production of the floors. These folks often overlook is that the eco-friendliness of the hardwood flooring can not be completely determined until the flooring was set and its predecessor of! In reality, even after that, you want to be certain to maintain the eco flag flying along with your cleaning and maintenance regime.

If you’re trying to find a really green hardwood flooring solution, naturally you need to ask your flooring supplier about the origins and sustainability of the floors, but we would encourage you to think past the floor itself if you’re really serious about being eco-friendly. Your wood floor itself is just 1 element of the end product. What about its transportation? ; what about the accessories and materials which are used in its own setup? ; what’s going to happen to your previous floor, once it’s been removed? These are all questions which need to be answered to ensure that your floor endeavor is really eco-friendly.

It is all very well picking a strong or engineered wood floor product that’s made out of sustainable timber and that boasts admirable eco friendly credentials, however what about the truck it is delivered on? In case the transport of your flooring pays no regard to at all to the surroundings along with its carbon footprint, then your efforts may be wasted. Like many things from the eco friendly argument, only through customer pressure will some businesses change their manners. So do remember to inquire about the transport of your flooring if you are seriously interested in locating an eco friendly alternative.

Once your flooring has arrived at your home, you then must think about the installation procedure and how eco-friendly that is. Regardless of which fitting procedure you’ve selected (or happen to be recommended), there is very likely to be underlays, glues and accessories utilized that may be as eco friendly as you envision…so do make sure you ask.

When it comes to the cleaning and upkeep of your hardwood flooring, the chances are, if you’re an eco friendly person, you’ll make sound decisions on this front, but again, it is worth bearing in mind. And finally, if you’re having an old flooring removed to make way for your new one, do be sure your fitter adopts an eco-friendly approach to its disposal, otherwise, again, your efforts might be wasted.

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