image_1_checkerboard_hardwood_floor_3_photosIf it comes to wood flooring there are many options available to consumers. Engineered Wood Flooring has become the preferred choice these days and there are many good reasons for this….

So what precisely is Engineered Wood? Engineered wood is fabricated with three to five layers of plywood. Each coating is first stacked in a cross-grain configuration and then bonded together under pressure and heat. Then the whole block is topped off with a good wood veneer or high layer. The veneer can be made of any type of solid wood. This is the coating that is visible when the flooring is installed. This advanced manufacturing process is what makes engineered flooring more stable, lasting and more cost efficient than other hardwood flooring choices such as parquet or strong wood.

There are four very good reasons to select engineered wood flooring…

1. Cheap

– Often costs less than solid hardwood and parquet floors while keeping the identical quality in look and feel.

– Installation costs are also considerably less with engineered wood above solid and parquet flooring.

– Generation cost is less, yet the boards are more stable due to the manufacturing process.

2. More Alternatives

– Looks exactly the like real wood, but can also be available in endless finishing options, colors and widths.

– Could be sanded down and re-finished a few times over exactly like wood.

– Because of the prevalence of engineered wood round the planet there are a lot more pre-finished selections available in contrast to strong woods.

– Engineered wood flooring is acceptable for underfloor heatingsystem, whereas solid hardwood floors isn’t.

3. Durable

– Multiple layers secured together makes engineered timber more stable and flexible.

– significantly less likely to be influenced by fluctuations in humidity so is Excellent for all Kinds of spaces both domestically and commercially

4. Maintainable

– Engineered wood flooring is very easy to clean and keep

– And when your personality or lifestyle changes it is easy to fair and re-finish the flooring to give a brand-new look.

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